The 4 essential pillars of a good life – Part 1


Thousands of articles in all kinds of media deal with the “good life” and give a multitude of tips on how, what, when, where can be achieved. Some of them are even good 🙂

This text will surprise you!

If you were sitting in front of me, I would look you deep in the eye and tell you: only read this article if you are balanced and have a few minutes. Definitely not in the midst of stress, social media sessions, work, phone calls, children, arguments with your partner or other exceptional emotional situations.

Only read this article if you are impartial, open and unprejudiced. If you want to and are able to think about it afterwards and are brutally honest with yourself. Only then does reading the following lines make sense, otherwise you will only lose valuable life time. It wouldn’t do you any good and would be pointless, like a vision without a plan.

A vision without a plan is just a dream.

I am convinced that the good life has a lot to do with time, freedom and resources (if you want to know more about it, read the Blog article the good life). Administration, order and energy management are much more important than it seems at first glance.

So if you’re serious about your own personal revolution, you’ll find proven guides here. Let’s do it!

(for a better overview, this blog is divided into four parts. Each column has its own blog entry)

Let`s get started!

1. Column: Look at your body, it’s the only place you have to live in!

The first element, the first indispensable pillar, is your body. With this body you move through your life. You only have this one and you won’t get any other. With this body you are with your life, you go to bed your life, you get up, you move around and communicate with others. With this body you perceive your environment through your senses, you enjoy, you react, you act, you love. When you are born, you usually get a perfect model as a gift, mostly good enough to live with for many years. With good care, this body will last for many decades, sometimes even more than a hundred years.

Only you decide how this body is cared for, what it eats and drinks, how much it is exercised, how often it rests.

Your quality of life is largely determined by your body quality. Your thoughts are essentially determined by your body energy.

This is not about an esoteric body cult blog article, it’s about performance, in the sense of:

Can my body keep up with my plans?

Moving, learning, thinking, motivating yourself, setting goals, and practicing discipline are all energy-sapping activities. For this you need a certain performance, otherwise your plans will not work.

I am deliberately not talking about optics or the omnipresent body cult. The Photoshop and fake ideals from advertising have little to do with reality. We classic people rarely correspond to these computer simulations purely in terms of physical structure. And that’s a good thing.

Striving for these “models” is mostly impossible, abstruse diets with JoJo effect guarantee and lamination with plastic squeeze-press underwear with the cool name “Shapeware ” are even counterproductive and sometimes dangerous for body and psyche.

Above all, a body has to function well. That’s why you should take care of your body. Let’s leave fashion, cosmetics and style aside.

Let’s talk about a balanced diet, water, oxygen, exercise and sleep.

I would never presume to judge stereotypes or people in general. Everyone has their personal story, everyone their personal arguments. However, experience has shown that your relationship to your body has a very great influence on your quality of life.

How would you describe this relationship to your body? Acceptance? Tolerance? Love?

In many interviews, seminars and discussions, I found that people very often talk about their appearance, about buttocks and breasts, about skin and stomach, about six-packs and biceps.

Nobody talks about how much stress the body has with the actions of its owner, detoxification, purification, re-production of cells and digestion. Seldom do we thank our bodies for seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, indicating wrongdoing through fever or pain, getting up, turning, walking, running, climbing, dancing, lifting, drawing, playing, crafting and loving .

We experience everything, really everything, with and through our bodies. That’s why stupid criticism when looking at your body in the mirror after the shower is basically cheeky after everything your body does for you all day! The body appearance is unimportant, the body energy decides.

If you can’t get up a few stairs or get tired and exhausted quickly at meetings, it doesn’t matter whether you have thigh gaps, bikini bridges or mermaid thighs. Trends come and go, as does the body positivity movement that has taken down the anorexic models. A good thing if it’s not misused as a justification for fast food, smoke and booze pads.

Just gives your body what it really needs:

Water, light, air, exercise, balanced nutrition and sleep.

Everything else is almost automatic and you have realized the first and perhaps most important pillar for a good life.

Greetings from sunny Italy

mountain wolf

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