Your path to financial independence

The most essential things summarized:


You don’t buy a product, you don’t give anyone your money. Your assets, no matter if 100 Euro or a million never, for no millisecond leave your “territory”! Only you have the keys, only you decide who else may be informed or should be informed in case of your indispensability.


Your assets will be “connected” to a strategy, virtually in line with this particular strategy Only you decide the strategy, whether conservative or progressive, balanced, entire risk or simply with fixed interest rates. We adjust your chosen strategy, consistently and without emotion, every hour, every day, every week, 24/7/365.


You see your situation every second, fully transparent and in real-time. You can see all the details, the composition of your portfolio, the performance, and all the variations. If you are not satisfied you can always stop, if you are satisfied you can always top up.


We see ourselves as an intelligence provider and provide you with sophisticated metrics. Blockchain has the sensational property that everything can always be accessed at any time. We read this information and use it to adjust the strategies.

Real Time

Whether depositing or withdrawing values, viewing performance, or reading information about transactions, everything always happens in real-time and all data is always updated in fractions of a second.


All transactions and interactions occur between the protocol defined by smart contracts and verified with the use of a wallet. Transparency is largely determined by the holders of the keys of the acting wallet.

What to do now?

Creation of a wallet, if desired with our help

Security Check: LAN, VPN, Hardware Wallet, Key Custody, Inheritance

Studying the possible strategies, risks, opportunities, durations …

The technical process of the transactions with possible KYC (Know your Customer = identification starting from 1.000 Euro)

Start up with Deposit