About Us

This is about people and their independence.
This is about people and their life plans.
This is about people and their stories.
This is about people and their experiences.

Who we are and what we do

We are convinced that many people have very clear ideas about their ideal life. But often the resources for the realization are missing.

These can be various skills, such as speaking a foreign language, playing a musical instrument, cooking or a pilot’s license.

In almost all cases, it fails because of time and money.

To generate material resources to achieve financial independence, you don’t need more money than you already have.

The digital revolution, the internet and blockchain technology created the conditions for everyone, really EVERYONE, to become financially independent in a foreseeable future.

All you need is knowledge and discipline.

You don’t have to sacrifice your nest egg, nor should you buy any products, you can go on living your life. We will try to raise your awareness of what you already have, how you can use it better, and maximize it.

We want to support and encourage you as you work toward your future freedom.

The only requirement is: your life’s dream must be bigger than your inner enemy.

We will talk to you very openly and without filters, not glossing over anything, always telling you which decisions provoke which consequences.

We, the initiators of this site, and the guest authors want to entertain and help, encourage and surprise. We are constantly looking for benefits and improvements for you and your life plan.

The good life and independence are always in the spotlight for us.

You will find moral support, a lot of motivation and respect. The good life does not come by chance. It is a precious project that you should always have in mind. That’s what we’re here for.


Our home

Crypto Valley Switzerland

FIRST was born in Crypto Valley Switzerland. Located in the heart of Switzerland, Crypto Valley Zug is a unique project in the blockchain world.

Due to Switzerland’s traditionally decentralized political system, Crypto Valley is the ideal breeding ground for projects like FIRST!

Zug offers a solid platform for healthy growth due to its business-friendly philosophy and openness. Zug’s business-friendly environment and outstanding quality of service have attracted many of the world’s leading technology companies.

This has created an international, cosmopolitan culture and direct, fast access to powerful global networks!


Our Values


We believe in the value of loyal and reliable relationships at all levels of society. We strive to gain and maintain the trust of all those with whom we work. Our behavior should convey security to the other party. Mutual recognition, appreciation and respect are indispensable, fundamental pillars for us and a matter of course in any human interaction.


We are transparent in our work and protect the personal privacy of the individual when dealing with our community. We expect fair openness from everyone we work with in order to operate and advise in the best possible way.


We strive to be always up to date in our work, to use our shared ecosystem in a sustainable and fair way and to support our diverse community in the best possible way. We gladly commit ourselves to achieving the highest quality.


We ensure to apply the highest safety standards in our work. We go to great lengths to carefully identify and assess technological, business and social risks and avoid them to the best of our knowledge.


We believe in the strength of trusting and enthusiastic cooperation. That's why we tirelessly challenge and promote the strength of the community. We invite cooperation and constructive criticism in order to continuously improve for our valued customers. It's just so much more fun in the community!


We are honest and open in everything we do. We welcome any constructive criticism and are open to suggestions for improvement, as we are convinced: only honest, attentive and transparent service providers will survive in the long run. We take great care to maintain our integrity and desire the same within the community.


We believe it is high time to promote social and environmental transformation. This change is enabled primarily by blockchain technology, in conjunction with people who want to serve a useful, necessary and social purpose with their activity. Sustainability is thus given a helping hand.