at walking pace (76-108 bpm), like Piano Concerto No. 21, K. 467, Andante

25% Mozart Adagio Strategy

25% Mozart Allegro Strategy

50% Blue Chip Top 100, at least 1 billion market capitalization

Medium risk ratio. Recommended minimum holding time: one year.

Entrance Fee 1%, Management Fee 3%, Performance Fee High Watermark 25%, Exit Fee 3%

25% Strategy Adagio means a composition of these options:

Stablecoin Earnings, we find and compare the best stablecoin rates, similar to annual “interest rates”. We evaluate not only APY but also liquidity, on-chain activity and technology.

We compare crypto-staking projects. Assets are kept in a wallet or staking pool so that the underlying blockchain proof-of-stake network can operate more efficiently and securely, and rewards are paid for this.

We compare yield farming protocols and their rewards. A yield farming protocol is essentially a sophisticated mechanism that, with certain stimulation, aims to increase the supply and demand of digital assets on exchanges, thus generating high pool liquidity.

The annual interest rate for this mix of strategies is often between 10 and 25 per cent. Payment is made on a daily basis.

25% Strategy Allegro relies on DeFi. Traditional finance and centralized processes are being replaced by decentralized protocols.

DeFi is extremely complex and has unique market dynamics due to generation-specific psychology, multi-layered economic fundamentals, and unfamiliar systematic risk considerations.

Asset selection is not tailored to a specific sector, but follows the broader DeFi narrative:

Basic DeFi protocols such as money and capital markets, derivatives platforms, AMMs, DEXs and DEX aggregators, asset managers and yield aggregators, insurance, etc.

DeFi middleware, such as oracles, data indexing, interoperability bridges and wrappers, scalability, privacy and security, data analytics, etc.

No project under €100 million market capitalization