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What is MOZART?

For centuries, people have enjoyed music and symphonies. The name Mozart stands for compositions of the highest quality and maturity. For this reason, we named our “SmartVaults” Mozart. We compose “DeFi symphonies” for you with the fascinating power of blockchain technology – for your financial independence.

If you get involved in blockchain without basic knowledge, you may have a lot of bad experiences. If you are willing to learn how to use this new technology, you will gain a lot. Done right, a millennial opportunity beckons!

If you were sitting in front of me right now, I would look deep into your eyes and tell you: Don’t let up anymore, don’t give up anymore! Learn, research, be curious and persevere until you understand the full scope of this all-changing revolution.

Language. Scripture. The wheel. Letterpress printing. The steam engine. The Telegraph. The Internet.

The Blockchain!”

How MOZART works

Blockchain technology enables so-called DeFi, or Decentralized Finance. This means financial services without a bank, without an intermediary, without a third party or a third entity, decentralized and without the need to give up control over your own assets, whether your assets are 100 euros or many millions. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is enabled by combining D-Apps and smart contracts. We use so-called on-chain asset management, which means your assets remain under your control every second!

With on-chain asset management, interested parties have the opportunity to make custody-free deposits. “Custody free” simply means “You don’t have to give anyone, EVER your money!”. Nevertheless, active management of the assets in the custody account is possible without you ever giving up control over the assets.

These actively managed SmartVaults enable engagement with DeFi ecosystems that pursue different strategies. Intelligent platforms, on-chain analytics data, artificial as well as swarm intelligence and social networks are used to develop the strategies. The strategies are based on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, back-testing and rebalancing.

This works with ten euros, a thousand or millions!

Freedom means responsibility: that is the reason why most people are afraid of it.

My own personal revolution!

Metamorphosis: FIAT - Crypto Flow

Like the ontogenetic adaptation of a plant to changing environmental conditions to ensure its survival under new living conditions, you adapt your money to the new world.

Revolution: The law of conservation of energy

In a closed and frictionless system, the sum of the total energy always remains the same. If we now see money as a form of energy, the law of conservation of energy takes on a whole new dimension. 😊 We’ll help you put this fundamental law of nature to work for you.

Quintessence: Passive income

Passive residual income arises from one-time investments that generate regular income over a long period of time without requiring repetitive labor inputs. Passive income generated with DLT technology behaves similarly. Like income from copyrights, patents, shareholdings or licenses, these rights (rewards, yields) secure recurring income for the rights holders by law (smart contract) during their lifetime (and beyond that, their heirs).

... then a light wind blew over the lovely landscape and nature began to smile ...