lively, active and bright (120-156 bpm), like Sonata in C, K. 545, Allegro

DeFi revolutionizes traditional finance and centralized processes are replaced by decentralized protocols. Mozart’s Allegro is a game with higher risk and higher reward.

DeFi is extremely complex and has unique market dynamics due to generation-specific psychology, multi-layered economic fundamentals, and unfamiliar systematic risk considerations. To navigate the DeFi industry, you must live and breathe it relentlessly. Our goal is to outperform the market and Tier 1 token performance by leveraging our knowledge and experience.

Less than 10 times in the next two to three years would be a disappointment.

Asset selection is not tailored to a specific sector, but follows the broader DeFi narrative:

Basic DeFi protocols such as money and capital markets, derivatives platforms, AMMs, DEXs and DEX aggregators, asset managers and yield aggregators, insurance, etc.

DeFi middleware, such as oracles, data indexing, interoperability bridges and wrappers, scalability, privacy and security, data analytics, etc.

No project under €100 million market capitalization

High-risk ratio. Recommended minimum term: 3-4 years (BTC halving cycle).

Entrance Fee 1%, Management Fee 3 %, Performance Fee High Watermark 28 %, Exit Fee 3%