at walking pace (76-108 bpm), such as Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A Major, K. 622: II. Adagio

50% BTC, ETH, weighting by sentiment

50% Blue Chip Top 100, at least 1 billion market capitalization

Medium risk ratio. Recommended minimum holding period: three years.

Entrance Fee 1%, Management Fee 3%, Performance Fee High Watermark 25%, Exit Fee 1%

50% Strategy BTC, ETH means Threshold-based Rebalancing Strategy. Threshold-based rebalancing is triggered when the portfolio exceeds a certain percentage of deviation from the target allocation. This requires daily monitoring of the portfolio. The transaction costs for alignment, which are higher in traditional investment, do not play a role in Layer 2 Blockchain technology.

50% Blue Chip Top 100 means fundamental research and hard selection.

We use the most important blockchain explorers for our own data analysis, various rebalancing and back-testing tools, furthermore Messari, Glassnode, LunarCrush, Coin Metrics, Santiment, CoinGecko, CoinmarketCal, Coin Dance, CryptoMiso, Coinbase One, Nansen, DeFiLlama, Dune, TokenTerminal, TheBlock, LookIntoBitcoin and some AI tools. Our remote analysts are based in 5 continents and 12 time zones, the data converge in Crypto Valley Zug in Switzerland and forms the basis of decision-making.