The 4 essential pillars of a good life – Part 2


We live in the age of individualism. Interestingly, this very ego trend breeds amazing conformism. People are increasingly defining themselves by belonging to a group.

Man is and remains a herd animal, despite some myths about lone fighters.

People need people. people need communication. Humans need touch.

According to the latest research, the influence of the family is much greater than originally assumed. This is reflected in the explosion of family tree sites. Increasingly cheaper genetic tests and the simple technical handling of these initiatives promote this development. The invisible bond between parents and children, siblings and all ancestors is stronger than many a hurricane, whether you like it or not. So since the attitude towards one’s family is a fixed requirement in good relationship life, as opposed to friends and romantic relationships, you should make your peace with that, difficult or not. Now!

Above all, a relationship means that the actions, thoughts and feelings of two people are related to one another in some way. Relationship thus largely describes the interactions between 2 people in many ways.

Relationships have an enormous impact on the individual and their image in our society.

Ideally, you give us energy, joie de vivre, feedback, support and make us more successful. In addition, romantic relationships involve one of the most powerful interactive forces known to humans: intimacy. The output, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, is often “squared” compared to friendly relationships.

This already shows how intensively the four pillars of a good life interact. The way you take care of the first pillar “body” significantly influences the second pillar. Without serving any preconceived notions or clichés: of course it has an impact on your relationship network if, I am deliberately exaggerating, you run a marathon every day, are vegan, pacifist, globetrotter or if you are a workaholic are or eat two packs of fags, a crate of strong beer and half a pig every day.

I will never judge the behavior of other people! Never!

It’s just very important that everyone understands: my actions, my actions always have an impact on my body and my relationships.


A marathon globetrotter has a different network of relationships than a manic workaholic.


You cannot withdraw from your environment, it constantly influences you. It carries you, it oppresses you, in any case it shapes you. How many happy relationships do you know where one partner chain smokes for years, the other enthusiastically climbs mountains, one loves dogs, the other has an allergy to all animals in general, one goes to concerts, loves opera and musicals, who gives others a headache at every musical note. Over time, there is always an adjustment, a rupture, or an ongoing conflict.

Just think about your network of contacts. How do you interact with your network of relationships? What do you do with your friends, your partner? When you’re really in a bind, who can really help you? When was the last time you had a conversation of several hours without the presence of any electronic devices?

How much time and energy do you invest in your relationships?

This is usually the time when everyone comes up with the classic struggle for life argument, “the kids, the job, the bills”. I understand that and I have the utmost respect for everyone who masters their lives, with all its difficulties and challenges.

That’s exactly why my plea: There are only improvements when there are changes! This is a process that needs to be actively tackled. Your body needs a certain amount of energy for this and your network of relationships has to carry you. Otherwise, you’re already using up your strength just to keep from letting your “friends”, your “family”, your partner.

Building good and strong relationships takes time. Joint ventures, discussions, assistance, encouragement are deducted from your time account. Since everyone only has the same number of hours, it comes at the expense of something else. More time on relationships, less earnings, more time on the body, fewer relationships, the choice is yours or not.

Which brings us back to our favorite topic: The good life and the interaction of time, freedom and resources.

The good life works best when you are in control of your time. Are you someone else-determined or a self-determined person? Do you have the freedom to choose your own time? Can you arrange your hours as you want or will your hours be arranged?

If the latter is the case, chances are you’re spending a lot of your time gathering resources, which is nothing more than working to make money. If you don’t change this situation, your network of relationships will not change either, because especially in relationships, the only currency is time!

Time to talk, time to travel, time to hike, time to make music, time to do whatever you want.

In the blog article “Let’s talk about money” are some very real thoughts about the interplay of time, freedom and resources. The basic principle is always: resources give freedom. Freedom means sovereignty over time, time for dedicated care of the indispensable pillars of a good life.

Greetings from sunny Italy

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