Let’s talk about money – then I’m rich!

Let’s talk openly about money!

A really exciting topic, because at some point in most people’s lives that decisive moment comes when they are financially on their own two feet. Today, this transition is mostly gradual and gradual. Anyone who is lucky enough to be supported by parents and/or grandparents knows this very well. If you are not lucky, you only know how to jump into cold water. Almost everyone can remember that magical moment when money was paid for work done for the first time. An incisive experience, like the memory of the first flight or the first glimpse of the sea.

Hardly anyone is trained for this crucial phase of life.

  • How’s money?
  • How do I manage and receive my income streams?
  • How do I balance income and expenses?
  • How do I store money?
  • Who can I trust?
  • How much money technique do I have to learn? What to do if I don’t have enough money?
  • What to do if money is left over?
  • How do I make money decisions?
  • What do I need, what do I want, what do I buy?
  • How do I want to live?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • What does money have to do with the body, balance, recreation, nutrition, social contacts and culture?
  • Why do major expenses such as house/apartment, car, travel have such an immense impact on my whole life?

Blockchain technology is perhaps the greatest opportunity for financial independence in the last 500 years. Perhaps one of the few ways to escape poverty in old age. But the wondrous multiplication of bread, 5 barley loaves, two fish and 5000 people are fed, is reserved for only a few “people”. You have to understand the most important mechanism of financial independence:

Income must exceed expenses. Expenses must be lower than income.

For people with a monthly income: at the end of the month, when everything that had to be paid has been paid and when the monthly portion of the annual expenses have also been put on the side, there is still money to be made be left. Must!

For people with an annual income or freelancers, at the end of the year there must be money left over from taxes. Must!

If you don’t understand , you don’t need a financial concept. Anyone who does not understand this needs strong nerves, because sooner or later (usually sooner) such a misunderstanding always ends in great stress.

However, blockchain is not a technology that rings your doorbell every day and brings a few euros, dollars or franc bills instead of the Amazon package. However, if you do it right, that’s probably what will happen! So if you are not yet wealthy for your circumstances, I recommend that you read a little further 🙂

One cannot ask oneself too often:

“If I didn’t have to work, what would I do?” or “If I didn’t have to do anything, what would I work?”

We agree that everyone has to organize their basic needs. Nutrition, care, rest, there is no way around it. Everyone would also like to do more of what he/she enjoys doing. Travel, sports, reading, friends, mostly the things that are neglected in life. But the reality is often different: an unsatisfactory job, annoying obligations, an unhealthy lifestyle, little time for relationships and fun. After all, life is not a pony farm.

What the hell does all this have to do with blockchain?

Just give me a few minutes, I’ll get to the point! Thanks.

Just imagine that you would from now onGet up rt in the morning, have a long and healthy breakfast after your morning run. After that, a reading hour is required, preferably two. You will then meet friends to exchange ideas, which will always result in projects that you then implement with great passion because they give you inner peace. From the late afternoon you get together with your closest family circle and occupy yourself with playing, cooking and communicating. A balanced relationship between body and mind, productivity, relationships and culture is a matter of course for you and despite the daily workload you are a energy source for others. Your mental hygiene works perfectly thanks to your motto:

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” – Mahatma Gandhi.

The first path to financial independence is spiritual independence. Many must first wake up from a trance, as this process requires vigilance, knowledge and a certain discipline. Financial independence is only achieved through passive income (residual income). This means: either you find someone who will make a living in the future or you organize your life in such a way that you can live off your resources in the future without having to do anything for it. What resources?

The next time you go to the recycling center, you can praise yourself as a good and exemplary citizen on the one hand, and on the other hand you have to be aware of the following:

Some of the items disposed of now could make money for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This applies to everything that was bought unnecessarily or we throw away instead of selling. Resources that are often bought pointlessly are groceries (bought far too much), petrol (I could also do it by bike), cigarettes and alcohol (no comment).

Thanks to blockchain, there are fantastic opportunities to convert even micro amounts into profitable assets, a conversion of energy, your work energy into profitable energy for you.

Let’s try to be very realistic:

We have capitalism, we have a compound interest system, private money creation, we use up far too quickly – far too many raw materials and you are part of the system. It’s a fact we find hard to resist.

If your car is stuck in traffic, then you are not in traffic, you ARE the traffic jam.

Of course it’s good to find out about climate protection and sustainability, to take to the streets, to rouse people, to sign petitions. If you then go shopping in an SUV or the 25-year-old stinky car, a T-shirt for 5 euros, fruit from Chile or sweetened food in packaging material that has the same weight as the food itself, it doesn’t matter that much Sense.

Why not save resources and convert the energy (money) into profitable projects for you? Sustainable projects!

What does that have to do with blockchain?

Lots! With this technology you may have the best chance to get off this hamster wheel, maybe the last chance.

We have to completely relearn how to deal with money and resources and it requires a complete paradigm shift. It’s not enough if we tell ourselves, consume less than you take in and save the rest. Talking to thousands of people about this topic in the course of my activities, I have heard the same counter-arguments over and over again. Life is expensive and the list of expenses is endless: the apartment or house, food, clothes, electricity, children, car, smartphone, insurance, repairs, medication, holidays. OK, I got it!

But there are only three variants and/or combinations of these on the way to financial independence:

  • Unexpectedly a lot of money through inheritance, winning the lottery or a gift
  • increase in income
  • Reduce spending

A and B and C is the best variant, but unfortunately rare. Only A, only B or A and B are very dangerous because the expenses often increase exponentially in relation to each other. The best variant is C, because B is automatically added afterwards anyway.

Once C is mastered, it still needs a bit of training. School knowledge is not enough, because it is not very motivating to put fifty euros/dollars a month aside with negative interest rates, or interest on savings accounts between zero and 0.3 percent. It will probably take 500 years and longer to achieve financial independence! That is why we will also deal intensively with these topics in connection with blockchain in this blog, with many practical instructions and examples.

Imagine the following fictional image:

You go to work today and earn electricity instead of money. At the end of the working day, you will be credited with the amount of electricity you have earned today. You go home, save the amount of electricity you need in a day and sell the rest. With the yield you participate in sustainable electricity production and this one action has three advantages in one go: You consume electricity less and more consciously in the future (you want to invest as much as possible), you promote environmental protection (through less consumption) and you are moving towards independence (electricity-interest-interest effect). Such a principle also works with money.

Financial independence starts with a very simple first step.

Wake up from trance, turn on your brain, paradigm shift.

Instead of “I’ll be gone then” the motto should be “I’ll be right there”.

In the application examples for blockchain technology, we can also clearly see this first trend:

Resource redistribution! Less for the corporations, more for you.

Sounds like a tough match. It is! But here you will be trained to become a ninja. At the end of your apprenticeship, the cash register rings every day, whether you like it or not.

Greetings from sunny Italy


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